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Garage Door Opener Programming Instructions

If the garage door opener remote control doesn't work, try changing the battery. You can ususally remove the screw out of the back of the hand-held remote control to access the battery.


Sometimes also, a remote control will just need to be reprogrammed. On this page, we have provided directions for programming Genie remote controls and keypads as well as Homelink and Car2U system programming. Click on the picture of your remote control below to download the programming instructions. If you need further help, please call our office to schedule a service call.


We also sell replacement hand-held remote controls, which must be programmed at the house. For additional accessories, please call our office.

Genie Remote Controls

Click on the picture below which matches your remote control to see instructions for how to program your Genie garage door opener.



2:36 | December 2012


Remote Control Programming 

How to program your remote control.













6:30 | March 2019


Wireless Keypad Installation & Programming

How to install and program your Wireless Keypad.

4:58 | March 2015


Programming HomeLink® to Newer Genie Openers

How to program your in-car HomeLink system to your Genie opener.



5:26 | December 2012


Aladdin Connect Integrated Wi-Fi Setup & Programming


How to program Aladdin Connect for integrated Wi-Fi smart garage door openers.

Programming Instructions for Vehicles

Some vehicles have built-in buttons which can be programmed to operate a garage door opener. You can find which system your vehicle uses by checking the owner's manual for your vehicle. Click on the corresponding logo below to view how to program your vehicle to open your garage door.

Car2U Instructions
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